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New in the town: ZUtA Pocket Printer

Technology is revolving day by day, hour by hour and second by second. The developing aspects and new innovations have brought a good product in the market, the ZUtA pocket printers for frequent professional travellers who want to embellish urgent printing anywhere, anytime in cheap and affordable prices. The device reflects the innovative mechanism and design that demonstrates a super compact smaller size, which makes it very efficient device for flexible usage and serve easy portability. Admiring not only the compact size but the device lays an upper hand by serving easy to connect via Wi-Fi and is compatible with any computer, tablet, smart phone or digital devices. In order to serve your ideas to paper, you just have place an effort to align the pages (of any standard size) and print whatever you like.


What’s new with the new ZUtA pocket printer?

The new ZUtA pocket printer is super compactly designed with easy to use interface. The device is so called the robotic automatic printer which comes in multi color cartridge is small enough to be carried along anytime, anywhere and compatible with all devices. Admiring the satisfactory design, you can lay out printing on any standard size of paper directly from your smart phone or tablet. Talking about the compact size, the pocket printer weights only 350 grams and is just 10.2 centimeters in diameter.
The ZUtA pocket printer comes in black color with operational working speed of 1 ppm and standard quality of 300 dpi that support any interface including the Android, iOS (for iPhone users), OSX (for Mac Book users) and also flexible with Microsoft Windows.


Why to prefer ZUtA Pocket Robot Printer?

The new ZUtA robotic printer is best suitable for professional people who travel frequently across places and need high-quality printing urgently for personal as well as official purposes. What makes it special that it easily connects to any device including smartphones or tablets via Wi-Fi and serves you with high-quality printing anytime and anywhere. The portable printer comes in two color printing cartridge that holds good for at least 100 pages. The device is run with the help of internal rechargeable battery which remains under of service for at least an hour when fully charged. Just in a case, the battery is reachable with the help of micro USB.
Serving the three A’s: Combining the below three A’s, the devices becomes ultimately flexible, easy to use, faster and much smarter.
Any Device: the printer flexibly connects easily to any device via Wi-Fi and you can directly embellish your prints from smartphones, tablets, laptops, Mac Books and even PC’s.
Any size of paper: The best part that the pocket printer is designed with unique mechanical design which allows it to flexibly embellish your ideas and documents on any standard size of paper.
Anywhere: the rechargeable robotic printer is easy to port anywhere and anytime with its small size (only 7.5 centimeters in height and 10.2 centimeter in diameter) and light weight (only weights 350 grams).

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