WhatsApp Latest Version 4.0.0

WhatsApp messenger is a instant messaging cross-platform application which allows IOS, Android and other smartphone users including BlackBerry, Windows phone and Nokia to exchange and share text and multimedia files including images, text, video, voice call, PDF’s, GIF, phone contacts and audio messages for free of cost. This application is today among the most popular messaging app with unlimited text messaging in addition to prime features like basic messaging, group chat and live location sharing options.

Being among the best rated applications WhatsApp sends regular updates to the users after a certain time interval which improves the capabilities and adds more innovative features for more ease to the users which includes improved security, bug fixing, improved performance and efficiency and better interface.
The latest version of WhatsApp, version 4.0.0 is loaded with amazing interacting and innovative features to which makes chatting more easier and allows the users to enjoy free calling with the help of internet without any additional charges. Other than this amazing feature of free calling WhatsApp has much more up its sleeves for its users like the free video calling, checking who checked your DP (display picture), sending more than 10 pics at a time (a major drawback in the previous version), new expressive stickers, new interface themes, send free messages, deleting messages in both sides, encrypting the messages and chats and much more.

WhatsApp newer version 4.0.0 also takes care of user’s privacy this time allowing users to hide last seen by which you can hide you last seen, status and DP or profile photo from other people apart from your contacts. Also, you can spy to check secretly who checked your WhatsApp profile. A newer feature in WhatsApp allows a user to watch a video (the users can watch start watch a video as soon as they click on the play button it) while it is in progress to download just like a streaming or buffering service as in YouTube. Another good feature in the new 4.0.0 version of WhatsApp allows the user to convert a short video like around 6 seconds into GIF images and share it directly with their WhatsApp contacts.

The new blue ticks feature allows you to help to know whether your messages are read by the concerned person or not as the read messages are displayed by blue ticks. The double ticks with our blue color signifies that message has been delivered but not read. The new end to end encryption in 4.0.0 version of WhatsApp has made just impossible for anyone to read the users messages which is being integrated with Text-secure and an open source code to add encryption for messages. The Group chat feature allows to chat with almost 100 users at once and makes it easy for people to get connected with friends and family. Any user is able to create any number of groups where every member can be the admin and only admin has the permission to add and remove participants. The special feature is that you can still receive the message from a blocked person or a blocked contact in a WhatsApp group. There is much more in the newer 4.0.0 version of WhatsApp.

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