Top 10 most popular video games

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Even the child can tell that this is the best game of all time. It is a very long game so one can not get bored. It would be fun to solve the clever puzzles by thinking. At last, it is just an amazing game. The best requirement of the game it pushes you to think and if you are not holding your hand then throw yourself into the game. It is uniquely different so it is not lie to make it the best game ever.

2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In the whole world, it is the only game where you can visit to your mates for some fun during the game. On the Wii, it is one of the better game where the single player is decent and the repeatability is never going to end.But the vote given to it is because of multi player. There is no need to change in the game according to my opinion. This is the best game until the team comes out with its new version. It is best game for relieving stress from the life. It can lasts its impression in just 9 hours.

3. Minecraft

It is the inspiration of creativity. It has everything such as RPG elements, undead, building, fighting, survival, farming, exploration and most importantly horror. It has an amazing mode for online multiplayer. One thing that should be loved the most is retro graphics. It is a perfect game for getting, picking up and playing. It has its own style and very easy to build. Basically, you can make anything in it that you want to, either a building or own house. You can also make the jewels and craft whatever you want.

4. I am not a Robot

It provides you with the beautiful world where you can do anything of your own wish. You can also build a tower for staying in night. For making a bed, you have to kill a sheep and then in the morning, go for mining. You have to mine for iron and in the next night, craft for an incredible armour to kill some monsters in the next night. When in the next morning, you would go for mining and find a diamond there. Then starts crafting a diamond and picking it up and enchanting for it.

5. Batman: Arkham Knight

The curse of the shoddy Rocksteady was reversed by tying superhero when it was surprised with the BatmanArkham Asylum before six years. It is that which is learning from the company since cranking of 11 with 12. It is not like that to fit a finale of fireworks that banked on the design of glories based on past. The studio was taking the big risks on turning the game into a game for buddy. It paired with Batman along with the Batmobile and managed to include it as an essential and exhilarating experience.

6. Splatoon

The best idea was given by Nintendo in which one can see the two squads of four players who were battling in the arena of inspiration for skatepark which was outfitted with throwing ink on gadgets and imperative of paint as the team shows Colorado on the ground before time run. There is nothing like quiet, nor on the dopamine jolt of cathartic we none sails up smearer of paint in the quarter half of pipe and get ready for the In Zook got leaping over the edge with the aim of taking weapon and reduction in the opponent to startle.

7. Undertale

It is a roleplay for the game in Japan. In the game, an investigation process has been offered to happen. When the play was called as roleplaying games for Japanese. It has been a fantasy for deconstructing itself as wandered by you. It also invites the replays for winking at everyone like a smart and subtle version of a starting play. The shouting at YouTube was insulting at the screen. And it has been a relentless, fastidiously and obsessed with the help of choices for seeing the consciousness as made by the choices of flippant.

8. Ryan North’s to be or Not to be

It is the digitized version of funded by a crowd of page 768chosen by own adventure in the form of book long years before. The digital version is very quirkiest and funniest which has most insight knowledge of Shakespeare of Hamlet. It can be experienced in any medium. It can be multiplied by gazzzetian routes of narration of any possibility taking down of cultural and goofy type cameos of everything which can be from ghostly aliens that was transformed to President which are undead. It has a smallest bit of fiction of interaction.

9. Super Mario Maker

It is super Mario Bros like Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. It will roll you into the rich and an accessible toolbox and allowing players to create and share those ideas of bizarre level who can dream about them. They took Nintendo of the reason for which maker of super Mario level get released that allows them to guess but if the game of one can sell the idea of two screen to the stylus which are essential for the one. Here, the essential thing is that te stylus of Wii-U as an idea.

10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

There is a one way of talking about studio of CD Projekt of opening red world opus magnum of the wild hunt of Witcher 3. The wild hunt might be the game for those who made me less for fall out. It is nearest perfection for playing the role, where you can assume like burning the fantasy games of potion that can chug mutants and courses of ethics with breaking of outcomes of inexorably bleak. The rest of the video game of the genre of role play as George R. R. Martin.

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