Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Prototype

Samsung is a leading company in the world of smartphones and always comes up with the host of new technologies and revolutionary changes every year. But now Samsung is coming up with something really interesting. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it is something called Galaxy X as per the trademark filing. According to a report from a renowned news community, industry sources have revealed prototypes for Samsung’s foldable phone which is still in rumours. The new Samsung foldable phone is said to make its way straight to the MWC 2017. The Wall Street Journal, states that Analysts who attended the Samsung’s analyst day were shown the prototype mobile devices that can fold in half. Rumours also reveal that till certain period device may only be insight of the industrial partners, hiddSen from the others. Samsung is planning to show off the device with both outward-facing as well as inward-facing displays.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone prototype

First Samsung Foldable Display Smartphone Prototype is on the Way to its Journey to the Market:

Samsung is aiming to unveil smartphones with foldable displays as soon as possible. Reports on the foldable smartphone prototype about reaching the masses are still unclear. Samsung is expecting to start the prototype production very soon. Samsung has already filed an official trademark for the foldable device, Galaxy X. The filed patent has revealed that the secondary display of the phone turns when the smartphone has been folded.

The device also has a bendable section in the middle which makes it possible to fold the device like a flip phone.The evolution of technology from the curved to bendable displays and then to the foldable displays requires that the glass in today’s screen to be replaced by a plastic screen that is easily able to withstand heat and even bend at sharp angles to serve a display as clear as a crystal. It has been expected that the smartphone will evidence a physical home button up front along with the volume and power button on the right edge.

Competitors to Samsung:

According to a market research, it’s not only Samsung which is aiming to start the production of foldable display smartphones prototypes. According to ETNews certain Chinese smartphone manufacturers are also working on the tech aspects to increase the production of upcoming foldable display phone. According to some rumours, the products of such prototypes will surely begin from the third quarter of 2017, so the actual production for mass supply is not expected in early 2018.

It has also been suggested that the actual commercialisation of folding display smartphones is depending partially on LG/Samsung parts supplier Kolon Industries. Certain rumours reveal that the South Korea production lab of Kolon Industries in which the mass production of parts is expected won’t be running until upcoming January. So obviously the phones are not expected to be released in early 2018. Samsung has a great pressure to implement qualities and on the same time, it never wants to lose the title of ‘World’s First Foldable Smartphone’ to some Chinese company.

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      Hi Rokib, thanks to visit us and This is just a Prototype may be samsung would launch this kind of smartphones in future?

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