Samsung galaxy note 7 and its phobia

With time as the phone are getting more attractive, Samsung launched Galaxy note 7 that was actually too hot to be handled and totally not safe for human use. Supposed to beat i-phones in the race, guess Samsung made it just too much hot that could actually withstand human touch. The overheating of these phones has been witnessed all over the world equally and has led to disgrace the name of Samsung in the market. “Over heated phone injures the user”, “burned phone in flight and flight was cancelled and evacuated”, these are some head lines that Samsung galaxy note 7 made to its qualifications that made us all sad.

It is sad for us and worse for its users who either had an accident or were just saved from some havoc. Not only this, but there are instances reported where the phone actually went on fire and burned carpets and injured men. Launched in hopes to get over i-phone and fascinate users, galaxy note 7 just worked in the opposite direction and ruined the market and name of Samsung well.

Featuring cover screen, larger battery and improved performance, it was thought that this big battery will serve them and last days little was known big enough it will just over heat and explode. It was initially told after investigation of galaxy note 7 that it would be safe and would not have problem as first run but the new one instead of burning the market with performance just burnt the market with its overheating problem.

With the problem survey was conducted that showed that 30% of these galaxy note 7 phone users were switching over to i-phone. Another one showed that 20% of them will opt for replacement of this phone. Another survey said that 35% of this phone user won’t even consider purchasing any Samsung device so far from now. Not only this phone degraded the name of the brand but also created a phobia among its users as when their galaxy note 7 will burn anything they won’t even have any clue. Some predictors said that the replacement will only cost more and increase its cost and there may be more problem associated with this phone than just burning battery issue so this phone should be stopped from the market.

Samsung being name and trusted brand recalled its 2.5 million handsets back and issued apologies for it but the shock and the injury that this handset made to Samsung will just not be cover by this only. Now for come back in the market with the same name and trust it has before, Samsung has to do something that would make a difference and get it its past back.

Something really big has to be done now for Samsung to make its worthy comeback and get all its customers back with pride. Can’t say how much good did galaxy note 7 made but burning people and its overheating just burnt the trust and brand name of Samsung into ashes.

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