Resident Evil 7 news update release date and Rumours

Beware gamers its resident Evil 7

Capcom developed and published Resident Evil series of game is famous for its horror plot and is available for windows, play station and even Xbox. The new in this game series 7 is controlled by the first person perceptive, Ethan.  With all the weapons like shotguns, pistols, explosive and flame throwers including the chain saws, fighting mutant creatures becomes even more interesting rushing your adrenaline every time a freaky opponent walks over. Maybe there is not much gun fest to admire like in previous game series of resident evil but there is a sure shot of puzzles, healing herbs and resource management in the game.

Story line magnets the gamers

The 7th series game of resident evil is plotted in 2017 in the frictional city of Dulvey, Louisiana situated in the southern of United States. A new protagonist, Ethan Winters is the lead character here, who is a normal civilian that offers combat skills which are less than the most of the previous resident evil characters. The character here, Ethan is searching his better half, Mia. This searching leads him to a horrified and terrifying derelict plantation mansion which is also a home for the baker family.

Although the connections are well attached with the past series of resident evil, the cast in this series 7 of resident evil will have a whole new set of characters that will for sure make you want to get in to this game.  The name tag line ”Biohazard” along with “Resident Evil” is expected to be some sort of clue as to what this series will be about and like.

The game resident evil 7 is assumed to be released around January 24 in 2017. It will be released for platforms like play station 4, Microsoft windows and Xbox one in countries of North America and Europe and Japan can have it on 26. For 12 months of its release this missed game will be exclusively available for the play station VR. Since its launching in October 2016, fans and gamers are eagerly waiting for this game and their waits will be answered with terror and horror game resident evil. The creepiness of fans can be well estimated by the projected estimation of four million copies that has been set by the Capcom.

The trailer of resident evil 7 when released on 14 June 2016 just gifted Goosebumps to their fans by their creepy trailer “Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour” starts with a dilapidated house which stares a male character, who needs to escape it. The gamers made sure that player can well interact and explore the objects of environment there to give a more realistic side to it. This game will also include some objects that will be included in player’s inventory.

The trailer is also well made to run shivers down your spines by the short story it displays and the warm bloody welcome that showcases it. So fasten your seat belts and get ready to witness the savagery, frightful “resident Evil 7”.

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