Nintendo Switch Price and Release Date

Nintendo has finally introduced its new singing and dancing machine. The Nintendo Switch is a console consisting of a portable tablet-like device and docking station for home play. The device it is now available in shops and new stock is about to be released. The Nintendo Switch is an affordable game console and the failure of Wii U has to lead to eminent growth to it in the market. The switch has a great potential to be counted among the finest consoles and unique model among the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch: Release date and Price:

Nintendo has unveiled the console switch for gamers and has gained a good growth since the retardation of Wii U. The new Nintendo Switch is a great versatile device which allows easy connectivity with TV at home or anywhere and serves different modes to its users for a better experience.

The official release date of Nintendo has been announced to customers and they are have been started distributed in hands from 3 March 2017 within US, France, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Japan, south Africa and the UK on the same day. The official release date in India is still yet to be announced. The Nintendo Switch gaming console will cost around £279.99 (estimated around INR 20,000) in the UK which is quite expensive than expected as compared to the competitors, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Wii U was made available around £199.00 when it was released. The additional Joy-Con Controller will cost you around £42.99 and a pair will be available at the bargain of £74.99. A pro controller will cost you bit cheaper which does not include the console in just £64.99.

The Nintendo has started with eminent growth and already went out of stocks while the pre-orders were made before the release. Nintendo has still left its customers in suspense by hiding the pricing of online subscription service to its users. A reliable Japanese publication has revealed that in the conversation with its president Tatsumi Kimishima, the price of online subscription will cost you around 2000-3000 yen per year which is almost equals to £14-£21 in the UK. It a good news for its users that the service is available in much cheaper bet than expected.

Is the Nintendo Switch Gaming Console worth its cost?

Nintendo Switch is a unique product that has surpassed its expected limits of sales. It’s a handheld portable device that works by combining a portable display that connects to the main hub with Joy-Con controllers. The gaming console is sealed with Nvidia Maxwell GPU and an ARM processor. It sports two different modules of 2GB LPDDR4 for a total 4GB shared between the GPU and CPU. The user can easily enjoy the gaming console with the hub plugged into the TV directly and the controllers working wirelessly for a real time experience. One of the drawbacks that the users will encounter is that the switch won’t support streaming services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer at launch.

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