Nintendo 64, DS XL, Wii U, NX Updates & Nintendo NX features & release date

Good news, Nintendo fans! Nintendo NX will be launched in March 2017

Japanese multinational company dealing with consumer electronic named Nintendo come up with home video game console, dedicated consoles, various multiple portable consoles & some hardware for the console. Till 30 Sept 2015, the company has sold many hardware units around 722.22 million. There are various types of Nintendo gaming consoles, broadly they have been categorized into 2 parts i.e. home consoles & handheld consoles.

Games – Super Mario Bros & NES and Color TV Game system

This company started with the Game – Super Mario Bros & NES & since then the company got its recognition. Both the first game structure and the game fetched success to the Nintendo and because of this the company got the confidence of people that it is beyond doubt an association which makes good game. The company launched its first Color TV Game system in 1977 since the game dint had any exchangeable cartridges because of which the console could play a solo track due to which it held the market only for 2 years.

nintendo_Super Mario

Nintendo Entertainment System

Then the company came up with another product on 8 bit system in 1985 named the Nintendo Entertainment System which was a greatest success for the company. This system could play various tracks which could be bought from store. In 1991 the company came up with 16 bit system named Super Nintendo Entertainment System which came up with improved graphics.

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Nintendo 64 with 3D Graphics & Joystick

In 1996 the company introduced a game with 3d graphics & joystick named Nintendo 64, this product turned into a legend. In 2001 the company introduced games with mini-discs & system was called GameCube. Although, this product was not that successful among people that is why in 2001 the company introduced another product named Panasonic Q in Japan only.
It was a fusion edition of the Nintendo GameCube. Another gaming success in 2001 by the company was GameBoy Advance which was a handheld gaming structure.

nintendo 64

WII  & Wii U featured motion controls

Then in 2006 company launched Wii featured motion controls, which was an online structure and somewhat advanced graphics. Then the mini version of Wii version was introduced in 2012 in Europe & America whereas all across, the company launched 6.2” touch screen Wii U GamePad with latest 1080p HD graphics (On Television).

Nintendo WII

Nintendo was trying to make a blue ocean by creating an idiosyncratic & unique gaming proficiency with clear-cut admittance to a back-directory of games, whereas at the indistinguishable time generating a product system. With enhanced graphics in 2004 the company came up with Nintendo DS. In 2005 the company made its last product in game boy range by the name game boy micro which was the smallest of all.

nintendo wii u

Nintendo DS Lite and DS XL

In 2006 the company launched another product as Nintendo DS Lite with radiating screen pared down as Nintendo DS. Then in 2008 the company came up with Nintendo DSi which was the first handheld with 0.3 pixel camera & multimedia. It was most liked product. Again in 2010 the company made it last redesigned range in Nintendo DS Line named Nintendo DS XL with large & thin screen. Then the company came up with an innovated product in handheld series, they came with a joystick in 2011 with 3D graphics. Whereas in 2012, 3DS XL was introduced by the company with a screen of 5” and the same was renovated and named as 2DS in 2013 which was on almost same software but differed physically.
In 2014/2015 Nintendo 3DS came which had 3D screen to be sighted from various angles whereas in late 2014/ 2015 the company came up with another bigger edition of Nintendo 3DS as New Nintendo 3DS XL.

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Nintendo NX features and release date

Tatsumi Kmishima the president of Nintendo has said in an interview that Nintendo NX will be launched in March 2017. He also said that the product is very special, different from all those in past & has many inimitable features. The president also said that there are many rumors spreading all across please don’t go by them.

nintendo NX

He restated the launch of their foremost Smartphone app & also said that consumer should look ahead to apps featuring Nintendo’s well-known personalities by this year. He also assured that Nintendo NX is not an innovated version of Wii or Wii U, it’s completely new, more appealing to the consumers. It will also be reasonably priced so that is comfortable on parent’s pocket. The company has kept their lips locked & has not reveled much information about the shape, size, features etc about the product.

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