New in iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? Shall i buy it?

Previously lots of developments were made in iPhone however the company has come up with the latest developments & techniques this time. iPhone7 & iPhone 7 plus is quite appealing & bubbly than its preceding editions.

Apple’s most recent versions are iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which has an inventive glossy black color, improved battery life, high-speed processors, momentous camera innovations, improved water resistance through flush home button and apart from these the major improvement it that it do not has a headphone jack.

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Processor: In, both iPhone, Apple has applied a processor called A10 Fusion processor which is 40 % high-speed in contrast with the processor of previous iPhone. It traits 2 high-efficiency cores that works at 1/5 power & 2 high-performance cores for thorough task reason behind this is to grant increased battery life for slighter task.

Headphone: With so many latest technology & development on of the major evolution in iPhone is that its latest phone i.e. iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus do not contain the jack for headphone, that’s why headphones that fixes with iPhones should have lightening connector or a Bluetooth. Moreover, Apple has also made hottest wireless Air-Pods for this advancement.

Camera: iPhone has used a very high-quality camera i.e. 28mm 12- megapixel camera with several colors & broad capture. Its other camera has telephoto lens of 56mm for twin-camera competently that boosts better-quality optical zoom. Both iPhones has most up-to-date four-LED flash that is 50% bright & sturdy additionally, it has enhanced 7-megapixel Face-Time HD camera & has also got new sensor technology.


Battery Life: It offers various other traits such as audio playback for 24 hours, stand by time of 250 hours, playback for video upto 7 hours, Internet usage for 6 hours and talk time upto 8 hours.

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Other Traits: Apple declares that both these iPhones are the best phones which the company has ever made with the most up-to-date mobile app. Most exceptionally, the external surface of both Phones has been remade for IP67 dust & water resistant thus it will restrict the access of water in phone. The company has also placed stereo speakers on the top & bottom of both the phones. After getting an iPhone, it is incredible to bring into play the Safari app and get a valid web on your Phone. iPhone zoom in and out facility performs well and gives easiness to the eyes. The company has provided more than 350,000 apps to its users out of which many are free; you can get these apps from app store. One of the major reasons behind people getting crazy on iPhone for its broad selection of apps. The Retina display of iPhone’s drives everyone crazy.

Price of iPhone: Moreover in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus the storage ability has also been enhanced. The expected price of 32GB iPhone 7 is $649 or approximately Rs 43,000/- approx and the price of 32GB iPhone 7 plus is $769 or approximately Rs 51,000/-. Whereas Rs 57750/- for 128 GB and Rs 64,250 for 256 GB.

Expected launch date in India for both iPhones are October 07, 2016.

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