LiFi vs WiFi, Comparison between Wi-Fi and Li-Fi

Heard about WiFi, but what is this LiFi? LiFi is a recent introduction of a different kind of data transmitting technology for an uninterrupted usage.

The comparison is also very simple between a WiFi and a LiFi.


The transmission is the major difference in Wi-Fi and Li-FI. The transmission of wifi takes place in the form of radio waves and in case of the LiFi they are transmitted through and LED bulb and these are not facing any kinds of problems in interfacing whereas the wifi signals are facing this problem. These are generally used in a place where wifi signals can’t enter like in the air and in the water where you can go deep inside and also well-known purpose called internet browsing. But these wifi signals are limited and are only and mostly used for internet browsing.



As it is said that the radiation flows through the sea water that means it has the capacity to pass through the dense medium also, but the wifi signals are little weak and they do not pass through the dense mediums. These lifi signals are trapped in a wall and there is no need to perform and y security operations but the wifi signals are passing through the walls and they are to be secured by setting a password. These rays are continuously working till a distance of about ten meters but the wifi signals work for 32 meters.

Capacity and Working

Not a replacement but it has more features than wifi and can be used in the materials that are electromagnetic in nature and this works with 1.25 GB per second and has a very broad and wide bandwidth. This is tested in many places of the world for its quality. The radio waves from the wifi are little low when compared to the visible light radiation of the lifi signals. The signals of wifi need some restrictions on its capacity but the lifi has no such limits. And the spectrum of light that is a visible spectrum is powerful than the traditional radio waves that are coming from the wifi. Coming to the price this lifi is cheap than the wifi and the working principle of this lifi is interesting too. The led light will be blinking in such a speed that even a human eye cannot see that light.

No Domination

Using these latest types of a wireless network will help everyone to complete their work fast. And the introduction of lifi will be a profitable experience. This can save your data from hacking because of its close working concept but whereas the wifi is easily hacked. The data transfer will be very high than the wifi. Although these features are high than the wifi, that doesn’t mean wifi is less than lifi. Both of them have equal priority in the field of wireless communication and even in the broadcasting of the data. This is called as light fidelity in short li-fi. Latest developments are always encouraged by the people.

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