iPhone 9 Release Date Specs Price Rumours and Other Updates

Set the stage for iPhone 9

With all rumors spreading and words being spoken it is expected that iphone9 will be released somewhat in 2018 with a price over $1500. All in one this iphone will be ready to bash the technology and mobile market by its special features like sleek design that will just make you want it and updated ios system that will make the tech geeks fall in love with it and updated features and the camera will just make you fall in love with this new apple product. Assuming it to be the best of apple series, apple iphone 9 will be available in all leading country’s and their market for its lovers.

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Features that will make your heart feel the tech vibes

Believing the expected word this apple phone iphone9 will have fastest charging time and will be enhanced with the 5G technology. It will have a fingerprint along with a retina scanner that will not only make it more secure but keep your $1500 baby safe. Most awaited memory stories have just made apple product lovers amazed with words flooding that it will have a memory of 64,128,256 GB storage. God knows how it is possible but words say it. Not least but this iphone9 will have a holographic display that will never bore its master.

Are you really ready?

Words and words is all I have, to make your heart beat faster but gossip says that it will have an controlled Li-On battery or maybe it will have some alien magic offering 4500 mAh battery that will walk you the moon and back. Who doesn’t love clicking selfies or snaps showing off their apple tags? Apple iphone 9 is expected to have latest of the century camera with like they say, 18 MP rear and 8 MP front camera. So all you have to do is posing and all that shiny glowing face will be snapped at one touched along with that bitten apple logo. The RAM performance of iphone 9 will be better and enhanced to clear all its matches in the market.

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I love the way you look

Yes launching iphone 9 will be a historic event with those words and rumors pounding up that you won’t be able to take your eyes off your iphone babe. Size of iphone 9 would be large they all say. With iphone 7 having 5-5.2 inches screen display and iphone 8 having 6 and 4.7 inches display maybe iphone 9 will touch heights larger than these two in display size. But with no official information about iphone and gossips catching up all we can do is dream and add more sausage to the theories and specifications of iphone 9 with our creativity. But serious apple fans have to wait till the time apple launches iphone 7 and then iphone 8 with their iphone 7s, 7ss and iphone 8s, 8ss and maybe 8sss and then the official statement for iphone 9. Till that time just fasten your bed belts and dream dear friends.

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