iPhone 8 Specifications, Launch Date, Updates & Rumours

While talking about iPhone our expectations and innovations, our expectations touched a never ending sky. This time, we are talking about Apple iPhone 8 which released just after iPhone 7. If you are believing in that apple is trying to combine some factors in its upcoming iPhone8 then you nay not. This rumour is completely wrong. This is the time when eighth-generation iPhone have been released.


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Apple  iPhone 8 features

Here, some features are given which you would like to know about iPhone 8

Not so Delicate as a Gadget: It is expected that Apple iPhone 8 to be sturdy and strong. In general, people would like to carry a water resistant phone upto 100%. You would like to know that it is built to be stronger such that you may not declare it as dead only after accidentally slipping from your hand.

Wireless Charger: This feature is not available in earlier versions of iPhone. It is a newly enabled feature in iPhone 8 so you may not need to carry those cables along with us. Even this feature is not present in iPhone 7. At the same time, it is expected from iPhone 8 to use solar batteries which makes it easier to charge the gadget and makes it environment-friendly.

Built-in Storage Capacity: Apple’s mobile operating platform is quite huge along with the more inbuilt storage capacity of Apple iPhone 8. At present 128 GB is enough with occasional system updates.

Hands-Free Unlock: In iPhone 8, the new technology of retina tracking sensors is integrated which is not available even in iPhone 6.

Lightning Port in Place of Headphone Jack: By replacing 3.5 mm headphone jack with lightning port, Apple is trying to save more space for battery.

Water Resistant Display: To fight with the competitors, Apple is designing their phone to have a special coating to act as water repellant. It is expected to be the coating of silicon which will cover the entire display. Also, this will not be going to hamper color experience.

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Dual Sensors Camera: Camera design has been transformed by Camera. By using dual sensor technology, Apple makes you enable to capture a clear image even when you are in motion. While making video, this feature will remove noise of air.

Other Features: The most interesting update in iPhone 8 is more advanced app of finding your phone. Presently, this Phone enables users to trace the phone’s location in case if it gets stolen or lost. But in Apple iPhone 8, it is expected that in case if it gets lost, the thieves will not be able to make any use of it.

  • Fast charging
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • 64,128 & 256 GB storage
  • 5g technology has been used
  • Retina Eye Scanner

Price of iPhone 8 and Release Date in India

As we know, the Apple has released one set every year, so this phone has been released in India. The price of this phone is around $1150 and in INR it is to be Rs. 70000.

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