How To Recover Lost Hard Drive Data

In this digital world, nothing is more important than your data backup including important files and documents. Although the development in the aspects of technology is eminent and trustworthy, still technology remains uncertain. You cannot simply depend on a backup of your hard drive. Most of the people face the problems of system failure or hard drive failure. Is this the situation to suffer or scratch your head or move one when you have no data backup? No, there is a solution. Yes, you heard the right thing, there are ways by which you can recover your data using some good recovery software available in the market. Here are the best ways about how to recover lost hard drive data.

How To Recover Lost Hard Drive Data

What is EaseUS and how does it helps to recover your data?

EaseUS is one of the best data recovery software which offers easy data recovery to get back your lost data. One of the amazing features of EasyUS is that it allows its users to recover their files not only from your PC, laptops or hard drives but also from removable devices like pen drives, flash drives, external hard drives, SDD drives and as well as SD cards.

EaseUS works by scanning all the possible space on the corners of your storage of your PC and after scanning, it tells you about the files that are present in the storage. Now you have the option to recover the files easily.

How to recover lost Hard Drive data from your storage device?

If you are looking for the best data recovery software, then no other than EaseUS could help you with the best solution. EaseUS also provides its users with a free trial version which allows its users to recover data worth of 500 MB initially. Amazingly you can use this free trial to recover lots of your files including Word or Excel which are hardly worth few KB’s.

The software is provided with the easiest-to-use interface which makes its users easy to understand and thus the best tool for data recovery solution. Here are the easy steps to recover data from your hard drive/ or removable devices.

Step 1: Run the software and select the scanning location:

Open / Run the EaseUS recovery software application and you will see the information of storage devices connected to your PC / Laptop. Now select the concerned device that you wish to scan for the recovery of files. EaseUS also shows you any external storage device connected including external hard drives, flash drives and removable devices. These facilities are also available in their trial version, making EaseUS the best data recovery software.

Step 2: Scanning the source:

Once you select the desired hard drive / External device/removal device, all you need to do is to click on scan button and initiate the recovery process. Once you click the scan button, EaseUS recovery application will start the quick scan as well as the in-depth scan of the device.

Here you have two options, either for a quick scan or the in-depth scan. A quick scan takes quite a less notable time than in-depth scan because the quick scan just focuses on a few aspects or folders. While the in-depth scan scans every folder including subfolders of the storage device in the selected location.

Step 3: Scanning Process:

Once you click the scan option, the next step is scanning process which is quite intense. Primarily, the EaseUS data recovery software shows you a quick scanning process which does not takes much time, specifically a few seconds. After this, the application starts the in-depth scan of the selected location. This in-depth scanning takes a lot of time as compared to quick scan, specifically, can take about an hour depending upon the amount of data filled in the concerned storage device.

Step 4: Recovering the Data:

Once the scanning process is completed, you will have a list of results in the screen. You can make your desired selection and then just click on the Recover button located at the bottom-right corner of the application window.

Why is EaseUS a worthy choice to make?

EaseUs is a software providing best recovery solutions and services since 12 years. The software is designed to with a key motive to help the users to recover their files from every possible storage device safely. EasyUS is very much concerned about the customer satisfaction and keeps in improving its services with each update. The new 11.0 version introduces the segregation of the files in which you can not only segregate the files per their file type but also select them per the same categorisation.

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