How to Play Pokémon GO & Be Careful While Playing Pokémon GO

All about the Pokémon game story, Play Pokémon Go Online, Tricking in Pokémon Go and Be careful about battery and internet usage

Story behind Pokemon game

Started on 1989-1990 by video game designer Satoshi Tajiri, Pokemon, short for Pocket Monsters, was conceptualized as a game of insect collection. Tajiri, like most kids liked insect collection. His hometown, Machida in Tokyo, was a rural landscape then and was eventually losing it to concrete. There was a loss of habitats for insects and was affecting his hobby. Satoshi Tajiri, eventually developed this game of catching and collection of insects, so that kids could relive the experience digitally.

How to Go with Pokemon Go Online?

Initially after downloading this game, one needs to sign up. This game is available for free. Then by using you Google account make a Pokemon trainer club account. After that, modify your avatar by selecting the gender, hair & eye color, their backpack & clothes. Then player will get their Pokemon option. Subsequently players will have to select out of the 3 Pokemon that whether they want Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur, after that 2 out of 3 will get vanish. On the other hand, if player walk off from the initial trio around 4 times, then they will acquire Pikachu as a 4th initiator Pokemon alternative.
After finishing with this they are suppose to put in the Pokemon Go map. The game’s chief region is the Map which is similar to Google Maps. Player would be able to locate intact roads, their neighborhood pointers (called Poke gyms or Poke Stops), and tarnishing vegetation (called wild Pokemon). As the player will move the Avatar will navigate too. Player icon is available on the screen on the left side by which they could hit to see their success/ accomplishments & information. Another icon named as Poke Balli is there next to player icon by that the player can enter into Pokedex which throws light on the number of Pokemon trapped whereas in item icon they stock up the things which they gather in their voyage. After each 20 hours player can go to shop icon for redeeming the coins & purchase some items in order to magnetize Pokemon.

Pokemon 3 2

How to play Pokemon Go?

Do we all remember that during our childhood most of us use to collect pokemon, yes you have got us right, that was a beginning of pokemon. The first thing after logging on is you will notice in this game is a huge Gyarados threatening an uninformed entertainer, by a caution to stay prepared/ attentive while gaming. In the beginning, one will just be capable enough to grab the Nintendo’s unique array of Pokémon — which are establish in the blue, yellow, & red, Blue titles — although we anticipate growths to become visible with the growth in game. Pokémon come in various sizes, shapes & types, around more than 100 Pokémon are available for capturing; one can find the poison, water, fairy, grass, electric, psychic, ghost, flying, bug, rock and normal type.

In the initial game, players were named as trainers. Their mission was to collect different Pokemon present in the vicinity and train them to become powerful. The objective was to compete with other teams and earn XP (experience) and game items. While competing with other teams, players reach higher levels of the game and finally compete to win the Pokemon league, just like in a real sports tournament. Pokemon are collected with a Poke Ball, a red and white mechanical instrument. The player throws the Poke Ball on the Pokemon, and if it is unable to avoid the Poke Ball, the Pokemon is considered collected. The Pokemon then obeys the command of the player. One cannot collect Pokemon of other players. With each game, the abilities of the Pokemon increases. With higher levels of play, the Pokemon transitions into a stronger, faster and more capable Pokemon.

Tricking in Pokémon Go, is it possible?

Yes but officially it is not referred as tricking, as app itself suggests in-game purchases which let gamers use their actual funds on things such incense & lures which aids them in grabbing Pokémon more regularly. Such procures shall improve the gaming skill and boosts the probabilities of obtaining a wished Pokémon by granting them with a benefit more than the ones who are playing it without investing money. Apart from this there are real tricking hacks, such as by downloading software which would modify or spoof the GPS location.

How many people are aware about Pokemon Go

As per the experts reports this game have been installed 7.5 million times approximately. On the other hand, Pokémon Go has been installed more than various other famous dating websites such as tinder etc. Out of 174,579,000 people have Smartphone’s all across out of these, this game has command over approx 5% of the market where as tinder has only 2% market. Hence it is more famous than many dating sites.

Be careful while playing Pokemon GO

Gamers be careful with your net plan, in case you don’t have an unlimited plan then you must keep an eye on your net usage. Pokemon Go regularly keeps on checking & broadcasting the player position through GPS therefore think about it. Apart from this Pokemon Go regularly uses the camera which tends to consume the battery very fast.

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