Google Chromecast 2 Price, Review and Comparison

Google Chromecast 2 Review, Price, Comparison, Which is better? Should buy or should not buy?

There is always a saying that the newer and updated, the better it is. However for Google Chromecast 2, these words just seem to be true enough! Even after the launch of Google Chromecast 1 a lot of TV Makers used to keep this plug-in in order to make the TV Smart! As a matter of fact much after the release of Google Chromecast 2, the people have come up in shifting from a series of 1 and 2!

Now let us just check out the Google Chromecast 2 Review!

With the help of Marvell Armada 1500 Mini plus Processor, there is a lot more which comes down on the way of the Chromecast 2. The Dual Cortex A7 processors are also helped along with 512 MB RAM. Though it can be easily said that the 256 MB Flashing Memory is just too small for the 1080 p resolution!
However keeping all the specifications as well as the features it gives, the Google Chromecast 2 is certainly a good Plugin to use!

Google Chromecast 2 price

When the price comes up, there is actually no difference of it from the Old Chromecast as well as the new one! Infact, both the devices are priced at a same at £30 and Chromecast 2 price in india is ₹ 3399 only! However it has just been a few months where the Chromecast 2 has come out in the market! Thus, the price of the initial Google Chromecast may drop down!

Chromecast 2 Specs

Google Chromecast 2 comparison

Google Chromecast 2 vs Google Chromecast 1:

Now let us talk about some key differences between Google Chromecast 2 and Google Chromecast 1!


The shape of the original Google Chromecast was actually a Black stick which was just to be inserted to a TV! However, the new one is updated with the looks. It is even slim and perfectly manufactured to look better!


It is quietly assumed that with the better features, the Google Chromecast 2 will also have a better Connectivity! As a matter of fact, the Google Owners claim that the new Chromecast will abstain 4x Connectivity!


With the original one of the Google Chromecast, it used to support the Chromecast supported apps. However, there are much more Third Part apps found in the Google Chromecast 2!

Which is better Chromecast 2 or Chromecast 1 ?

Though the storage space of the former Google Chromecast is bigger and better, there is a lot more for you to get in the Chromecast 2! In fact, with the updated connectivity and the software, Google Chromecast 2 is always better!

Which is fast? Should buy or should not buy ?

Google Chromecast 2 is always faster as it has got some of the best and updated software which are good for you! So what you need to do is to go to the store to get the Google Chromecast 2.

However if you have the Google Chromecast then it is just advised to update the device!

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