Google Allo Key Features and Updates

Google is introducing general public to the smart app for messaging known as Google Allo. The app allows you to say more and do more. The app also expresses yourself with stickers, huge emojis, doodles and text in a better way. The app also you to the previous edition of the Google Assistant. It adds the more of you to your chats.

Features of the App Google Allo

In your style, Respond without typing

It allows you to do conversation with the movement of single tap by giving the suggestions in responses of text and emojis on the basis of your personality. For example, if you are a person who uses haha or lol very frequently, it learns these words, offers you the more frequent option.

Roar or Mutter it, to earn your point over

By composing the size of your text, you can add more definition to your words. When you need more than the All Caps to get over, just move up to shout and down to mutter.


Twist any photo toward a task of art

You can be creative with the sent photos by tinkering on them or enumerating text. You can also turn your friends to into crazes by drawing a smiley face and mixing some colours in them.

Break it all with the perfect sticker

In Google Allo, the stickers are designed by independent artists and studios all across the world. As some fun to the conversation should be added when words are not enough at Food Party or Drama.

Without leaving your conversation, you can also get help from your Google Assistant

Your assistant will help you in finding restaurants or movies in the nearby areas while remaining on the conversation. Also enables you to find videos to share, get directions and take answers through your friends.

Whenever you have a need, you also chat one on one with Google Assistant


You can get the latest updates of scores of the game. You can also find out how far you are from the airport and time of leaving of your flight. You have to decide what you are sharing with your assistant and the more you will use it, the more useful information you will get it.

Privately say it in Incognito Mode

By sending a message you can start a chat with an encryption of end to end. This mode also comes with expiration of chats enables you to control the duration of your messages fastened around and keep your notifications private to help you in more discreet way.

Say hello to #GoogleAllo – Video

This app is used to send messages very instantly and developed by Google. It gets launched on September 21, 2016 and freely available on iOS and Android. It was announced by Google I/O on May 18, 2016. This uses your phone numbers. It is a simple and a good app for messaging. The app also does not store the contents of your chat on its server. When you receive a message, it doesn’t put the notification in the system or on home screen.

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