Get Reliance JIO 4G internet free till 30 June 2017

Yippee, it’s Time to Celebrate. Now you might be thinking, why isn’t it? So, the answer is Reliance Jio will continue its Free Internet Services till 30 June 2017. As we all are aware that Reliance Jio has broken several records. In 80 days it has more than 5 crore users. Till today Reliance Jio has around 7.62 crore subscriber i.e. a period of 4 months.

The firm is giving 6 months of free limitless services that comprise of unlimited SMS, free calling & free net plan to its users. Newly the firm had stretched its free packages that would be effective till 31st March 2017. Subsequently, nowadays Reliance Jio subscribers should rejoice as Mukesh Ambani’s- Reliance Jio (the latest VoLTE 4G Mobile operator) is going to increase its unlimited services till 30 June 2017.

However, after 31st March 2017, all the services offered by Jio won’t be free the company will be charging ₹ 100/- from its subscribers, which is almost equivalent to free. The strategy behind this nominal charge is that the company is having a fear that they might lose their customers.

Reliance Jio being the cheapest network today has forced all other telecom industry to reduce their 4G plan and now if the company does not maintain the same then surely the company is going to lose the customers. Hence the company is starting with a ₹ 100 plan.

A senior analyst named Chris Lane confirmed that company is doing a hit & trail as by charging this nominal fee the company will come to know that actually how many customers will stick with Reliance Jio. The company is also thinking that most of the customers might go back to their previous service providers if the Jio becomes paid. As per some hearsays, it is also stated that company is offering free unlimited Jio service to the LYF smartphone users, however, it is not yet confirmed.

According to us if the company starts charging without solving the call drop problem then surely the company will lose its most of the customers. Or else they to come up with a very low price plan.

Therefore, Reliance Jio is buckling down to rule the telecom bazaar afresh with ₹ 100 proposal. However, yet a final declaration is must from the company. Very soon the company will be throwing lights on these. Till then you all share your view in comments.

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