Future Cars: Self Driving Car

These self driving cars are in a range of free cars that are developed by Google X as a part of its project to establish a technology for electric cars. On the side of a car, the lettering is done to identify it as a self-driving car. The team has equipped with different types of cars having self-driven equipment like Audi TT, Lexus RX450 H and Toyota Prius. They have also developed its own characteristic vehicle assembled by Roush Enterprises and equipments used are Bosch, LG, ZF Lenksysteme and Continental.


How the Self Driving Car Works?

They have tested their cars to operate through many problematic scenarios on the streets of city. Their cars used the sensors and built a software to sense objects like cyclists, pedestrians, vehicles and much more. These cars are designed to drive safely around them. This software classifies the object on the basis of its size, pattern of movement and shape and helps the sensors in detecting it.

It will also predicts that what the objects are going to do next. Likewise, it can reveal that the pedestrian will cross the street and the cyclist will ride by the street. Then software will decide the safe speed and direction of the car.

Google has been working on this project since 2009, but the dream has gone farther. Their team has included the members who have been working on this technology for years. They have been self driven for more than 1.5 million miles and they are going already on the streets of CA, Mountain View, Austin, Kirkland, TX, Metro Phoenix, WA and AZ.

They are also inviting their neighbours to paint the car with moving pieces of public art.


Why it matters to be the Self Driving Cars?

It is better for the aging and impaired people who can’t drive. Some things that have learnt from the self-driving cars are following:

Human Beings are Dangerous Drivers
  • As we know, there occurs a number of accidents and various people died every year. The primary cause of death in the world are traffic clashes. During a clash, about 40% of drivers may hit the brakes.
Google Self-Driving Cars are Frightened
  •  These cars did not strike as dangerous always. It drove slowly and cautiously. Google can also adjust the assailment level in the software.
They are Cute
  • They are intentionally designed to look charming. Their brains are designed with animated objects along with a greater care, admiration and caution.
It is not done and Perfect
  • The autonomous troubles with the scenario that human beings have the most trouble with. These cars use a mixture of GPS, 3-D laser mapping, and radar to anayze the surroundings and make an interpretation.
I want this technology to succeed like previous day
  • They have avoided the big, great, beautiful pictures beaming them right towards the face: that this technology has made our lives much better.
It was not a breathtaking ride and that is a good thing about it
  • As one might expect, it should not to be a cybernetic thrill ride.


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