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More Tips on Your Prisma App for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Prisma company owned by Bob Anderson and his partner Rod Granberry, just celebrated its 15 years of success in the industry providing their clients’ needs and together with the celebration is the arise of a new App from Prisma called the Prisma app mobile software. Prisma become viral in the social media, particularly in Instagram, where it was first introduced to iOS users and now claims its availability to Android users and this Prisma APK is now producing authentic and gorgeous images according to your needs. It is now open to download free Prisma App on Google Play Store, Apple Store and will be coming soon on Windows.

Prisma Application

Did you ever dreamed of your own self-portrait in an artistic design? But, what if you’re not good in painting or making artistic works? Prisma android app is the best solution to your big dream. Its filter using technology is interestingly use machine techniques to create such innovations on your photo and portrait using your mobile phone, Android or iOS system and the newest Prisma Software. These incredibly wonderful filters allow the Prisma App android download to produce such images according to your wants. Download free Prisma App so you can use it to produce painting designs of popular art geniuses, including Picasso, Levitan and more stylist artists combined into one easy to customize the application.

Why Prisma App?

Aside from artistic painting designs that you can deliver in using the Prisma software, it is also user-friendly and you can download free Prisma App on Google Play and Apple Store. There are several options to choose from on every output you prefer. This Prisma apk main purpose is to induce fun for everyone who is using it. Choices such as Urban, Tokyo, and Follow Me To, Scream, Paper Art, Name Flower, Roland Art, Composition, Red Head and Light Summer are only few artistic samples for your special choice. You can check Instagram for sample images of Prisma App.

Prisma iOS

How to Use Prisma?

Prisma software is developed in a user-friendly mode making it easier for you to create artistic images and portraits of yourself. And just like other image editors, Prisma App android download has a big shutter in the middle, a flash tap button, option for camera switching and shortcut to the photo gallery. Take a picture using Prisma software and select a crop option, if you need to crop your photo and choose your best option to change the effect of your image. When you’re finally contented with the design that Prisma Apk has worked on, you can now have the choice to save or discard the changes you made. That’s very simple and easy. Even a fourth grader can do that. So, download free Prisma App now and do not wait for others to tell you the fun it brings.


Prisma software is a momentary product developed for your fun and recreation. Its Beta version on the first day of release became very popular; the reason why Prisma App android downloads was then made free on Google Play Store at the respectively urgent time span. For everyone’s enjoyment, you can suggest the Prisma apk to your friends, classmates and those who are fanatics of ‘selfie’. You can download free Prisma App on Play Store or directly from your browser, just look for the Prisma apk file type. Cool new features of Prisma software are still to be developed by Prisma itself. Bob and Rod are always willing to give their client’s their needs in technology related applications. A win-win situation for both of us.

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