With this year’s Black Friday approaching us from our calendars, with us the whole market is now set to celebrate it to us. Being a whole lot of crazy, hell like busy and so much stressful black Friday is the most awaited fourth Thursday of November where stores offer a huge fascinating attractive discounted with whole shopping scenario becoming battle grounds and shopping becoming a struggle. This is the day when stores actually open with the day in like 4 or something like that in the morning and stay alive till midnight maybe. This auspicious most awaited shopping day is like, “be prepared, you have to be efficient shopper and get your cash ready and flats on to get the best heels in best price” day.


But the question is why this day is called black when people rush in with cash and out with colorful shopping bags waiting for this day after the thanks giving? Due to the violence caused by the traffic shopping rushing and the whole save day situation this name of “black day” was first coined, as they say by the Philadelphia police department. Being mobbed and hopped at stores on this day the whole opening to closing of stores on this accounts more than half of the stress and sales than the whole year apart.

This black Friday does not end just like this but opens the whole optical cords functioning for the sales online. That means after the black Friday comes the cyber Monday where markets are crystal clear and people-less and whole humanity is busy choosing deals online on internet offering deals that cover all the remaining shopping unfulfilled wants from the black Friday. These all shopping terms just add the sparkles to the Christmas season.

Since all about the black Friday is now somewhat known, the next remains the stores where you can find the best deals and the ones that celebrate the shopping fun with you. Some of the known stores the well known every day visiting like “The Wal-Mart” that has like long pages and pages of door busting deals waiting for you. Other are the “Target”, “Best Buy”, “The Sears” offering big-big and huge discounted offers and deals that is going to dance your cash out of your pocket. Tons of products from electronics to clothing and kitchen to garages here everyone has something you need and this is the time buddies.

“Big Lots”,” The Kmart”, “Fred Meyer”,”Bealls Florida” “Cabela”, and “Kohl’s” black Friday shopping hits has pages and pages of deals that are going to make you wake up early to get that deal before anyone and everyone. Also joining in the race are many other outlets like “Bloomingdales”, “Walgreen” and “Home Depot” to offer so much and so much more. So just pull up your socks get your cash and cards ready and wish morning to the sun get off to the stores to say good night with big and full shopping bags having everything from your wanted in real.

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