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The future is wireless. Apple has done away with the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, and with it, sounded the death knell for cables. Wires are annoying: they get tangled into impossible knots, caught on pieces of clothing, and mean you have to keep your phone in your pocket. We’ve put up with them because they’re reliable, and because the alternatives have been worse: Bluetooth headphones in the past were almost universally poor quality, expensive, lasted for just a couple of hours and were a pain to connect.

The airpods are truly wireless earbuds that connect your phone over bluetooth and let you do things like listen to music, make and take phone calls or even talk to sir. And it’s basically as if Apple just took the old earpods and chop the wires off which means, they look really similar to the earplugs that you get with your iPhone 7 and basically all the previous iphone models ever since the iphone 5.
Even though they look extremely similar, the only design difference is that the body’s slightly longer and a bit thicker. Because, this is where all the text of the microphone, accelerometer, proximity sensor, the battery and basically everything is.

The Airpods come in a neat packaging. The case they come inside is quite small, almost like a little egg, which by the way is magnetic and the airpods inside the case are also held in by magnets so they’ll stay in place, they wont wobble around while in the case and there’s is also and LED indicator inside that basically lights up green or orange depending on the charge of the airpods. And when you don’t have the airpods inside, that light would actually show the charge of the case.

I haven’t noticed any great difference in terms of how they feel. Only thing I’d say is airpods are noticeably lighter than earpods. So much so, that you actually forget that you’re wearing them.
Also, If you have had issues with the fit of earpods, i.e, earpods falling out or causing discomfort, then there are chances that you’ll have exact same experience with the airpods.
So, If you like your earpods and they fit your ears well then airpods will also do the same.

Now, most of us care a lot about how do airpods actually sound.
So, you won’t be blow away by the sound quality but won’t feel bad either. In fact, in terms of sound quality they are quite similar to apple’s earpods (the lighting ones that we get with the iphone 7).
But, Something that surprised me on the airpods was the bass. The bass is actually better than what we had on the earpods.

So one could say that they’re not A LOT better, but they still are better than the earpods so you’ll actually notice the improvements over the apple ear pods.

Now battery life is really really important when it comes to wireless headphones. So it actually advertises 5 hours of battery life from the airpod which is fine. Its a tiny bit of worse than what you would get with other wireless earbuds which would give you about 6-8 hours of battery life. However a pretty cool thing about the air pods is the carrying case which is also a charging case. So this thing also charges the headphones and this charging case gives you a full 24 hours of additional battery life. Now, if you have them on and you’re not listening to anything, they’re basically in stand-by and they drop about 5% battery life each hour.

Special feature: they’re completely wireless so they connect the iphone via bluetooth and they have something pretty cool inside and that’s the W1 chip. So the W1 chip inside the airpods are basically connected to all of your apple devices at the same time as long as you’re signed into icloud. And then you can simply switch the audio from let’s say, your apple watch your mac and your iphone.

Finally, they are much more expensive ( actually, 5 times more expensive than your earpods). So a huge difference here.

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